Introducing The Bike Wallet

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The Ultimate Storage Device

The Bike Wallet is an aerodynamic and lightweight storage solution enabling you to free your jersey pockets of tools, inner tubes, credit/ID cards, and even your smart phone. Mounted within the main triangle of your bike's frame, the Bike Wallet's easy access, Multi-positional Attachment Rail System (MAARS), and sleek profile will allow you to reduce your 'baggage' no matter what type of cyclist you are.

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Our wallets are constructed using the toughest materials to stand up to the dirtiest or roughest commutes.


Ride with confidence, the Bike Wallet will stay securely attached to your frame thanks to the MAARS design.


The Bike Wallet has been tested with multiple largest form-factor phones available on the market.


Driven by passion, this product was made with love.


'I originally thought of a need for a special storage container while I was commuting to/from work circa summer 2015. I hated stuffing my jersey pockets with the necessities and wanted my back free of this cargo which was making me sweat more. My commute was only 10 miles therefore I never required more than one bottle and one day while glancing down I thought to myself, 'why not utilize the unused water bottle cage mounts on my frame?'. A month or two later we 3D-printed our first prototype. Since then we have been Beta-testing the Bike Wallet resulting in countless design iterations and the development of mounting accessories to increase frame compatibility.

Alpha Testing: While we are pleased with our current design we will always be striving to perfect it due to the ever-evolving world of bicycle frame and bicycle component design. With that said we intend to continue to 3D print the Bike Wallet through our 'Alpha' testing phase. Please understand that we are still trying to improve our design and would like to maintain an open dialog with you to improve both your experience and our design. We are truly flattered by your interest and would be happy to produce one of our Bike Wallets for you.