Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Bike Wallet priced where it is and why can't it be more affordable?

We 3D print the Bike Wallet out of a flexible, strong, and lightweight carbon reinforced nylon material. Unfortunately this material is expensive. The Bike Wallet is priced so we can cover our material and operational costs. Each complete wallet takes almost two days to print. We are looking into other materials and manufacturing processes that will allow us to increase volume and bring down costs.

What items can I store inside the Bike Wallet?

Everything that you typically bring with you on a ride will fit inside the Bike Wallet. This includes Smart Phones (including plus-sized phones), most wallets, inner tubes, mini-pumps (and CO2 cartridges/fillers), tire levers, mini-tools, and nutritional items should you desire. 

What prevents the content/objects within from bouncing around and making noise?

Essentially the more you fit in the Bike Wallet the quieter (and more secure) things will become. Typically an inner tube, mini-pump / CO2, and cell phone will be enough to completely eliminate any unwanted movement/noise. If you embark on a ride that only has you putting one or two items inside your Bike Wallet, you can put said items within an eyewear pouch to help dampen noise/movement. We are working on implementing some sort of solution that will help hold items in place without compromising cargo volume. Because this is the bike industry and everything that's cool requires an acronym, we're calling our current method PASINI (Put A Sock IN It).

Why do smaller frames require the The Offset Mount?

The Bike Wallet utilizes your bike's water bottle cage bosses and their locations vary depending on size and manufacturer. The smaller the bike frame, the smaller the front triangle becomes. Therefore you must 'relocate' these bosses further away from the bottom bracket junction in order to create enough clearance between your Bike Wallet and water bottle/cage. The Offset Mount simply extends the water bottle cage bosses upward/forward by 31.75mm. 

Do I have to use your Xerophobe water bottle cage or can I use my existing/traditional water bottle cage?

You do not have to use our Xerophobe cage. Our offset mount and its included hardware kit will allow you to use it with traditional water bottle cages . The benefit to the Xerophobe cage is that it can quickly be installed or removed to go back and forth between one bottle (in conjunction with Bike Wallet) and two bottle (no Bike Wallet) configurations.

I received my Bike Wallet and am seeing minor imperfections on the surface and what appear to be scraping marks on the inside. Is this normal?

It is actually. Our 3D-printed products are adhered to the print bed and must first be scraped free. Upon freeing the product from the print bed we then remove the support structure from the interior and exterior. This process takes at least several minutes and results in minor marring and inconsistencies in the surfaces that were once mated to the support structure.

How long has The Bike Wallet been around?

We've been prototyping The Bike Wallet since mid 2015. It has seen countless iterations and has gradually become more voluminous internally. We have also made many changes to the outside to aid in clearance and visual appeal.

Does Second Peak Designs plan to release more products in the future?

Absolutely! For the past few years we have been working on a specialized tool that will assist in adjusting and building bikes. Additionally, we intend to expand upon The Bike Wallet line itself. Stay tuned!